Apartment Interior Designs — March 18, 2013 at 4:04 pm

Wall decor is important



Wall decor can mean many different things. For one of you it’s just some handmade panels, photos or some art object, maybe even a painting on the wall. For somebody else it’s sconce and even an area rug on the wall. It gets really interesting when you decor your furniture, like getting an artsy headboard.



We have a collection of different wall decor styles here. Pictures of your favorite horses, trees and flora. And what I find really important and chic – huge quilted leather headboard.



Photographs of people on wall of your apartment. Usually people prefer to decor their home with pictures of their family and close friends. However this is something different. Seems like there is a whole decor theme to gather different nations from all around the world. Variety of glasses above the ladder reflects the atmosphere and give you some food for your thoughts.



This interior is full of ethnic motifs. You can see lots of beads, figurines, paintings and daedal bras. And look at the robe of brocade that is used just like any other decor object.



If you could say wonder decor – that would be it. Great selection of works of modern art posted on the walls of this apartment. A nice wooden¬†bicycle¬†model decors part of the chimney that you can see, right above the fireplace. You can talk lots about the ceiling, but that’s a different story.



In this bedroom you can always find cherry blossoms. Wall decor matches the overall tone and the main idea is using natural elements.


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