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Wall Patterns


Wall Patterns

Wall Patterns

Is this not eye-catching? This wonderful, amazing space is an inspiration to many. With applied patterns on the wall like this, one cannot help but marvel at the immense simplicity of the furniture that is contrasted with it.

This wallpaper is designed by Julia Rothman, a wonderful artist well known for her unique prints that are quirky, delightful and gorgeous all at the same time. Over here, she has used nothing but black and white. These are line drawings and are intricately designed. She has been inspired by flora and fauna, and has incorporated stylized versions of deer, swans, and supernatural creatures into her design.

In direct contrast with the almost-busy wallpaper, the furniture is exquisitely simple and sleek. The table is completely glass. It is smooth and plain, so that it is nearly invisible. The point is to keep the wallpaper the center of attraction and attention. The chair that is used is not as simple as the table, but is not too clashing in its design. It complements the room. It is a simple black wrought-iron chair with a cross-hatch design.

The decorators have shied away from using too much color as that would distract the viewer from the wall. On the other hand, a little color is not a bad idea. In fact, bright colors such as red or green would complement the black and white of the wall quite nicely and serve as a blocky contrast.

This is not a room for everyone. Some people like basic walls so that they can use furniture and upholstery that is highly decorative. This, however, is a room for the brave, the ones who are willing to think outside the box in terms of aesthetics and decoration.

In conclusion, it is best to keep the room simple and basic, without cluttering it.

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