Bathroom Interior Designs — February 13, 2011 at 5:49 pm

White and Sanitary Bathroom

Minimalistic Bathroom

White and Sanitary Bathroom

Bathrooms are generally the smallest room in the house, and this theory is usually combated by painting the walls with a light color, to give off a spacious illusion. In this bathroom, the tiles are a light, peachy and cream colour. The effect of these colors is relatively calming and they also add to the spacious effect.

The color combination might be a little bland though, because the room is splashed with the same colors, and the only change is the orange soap on the basin counter, and the green bottle on the bathtub. The only other slight sign of contrast in the room is the wooden frame of the mirror and the base of the basin. The advantage to this is that you can use just about any color to add to the room.

The basins take up a large area, rectangular in shape and quite wide. There are two simple silver taps with elegant curved necks looming over the pearly white basin. While the basin shows elegance and space, it can make the bathroom look cluttered. The basin, the commode, and the tub are all located very close to each other, and this may be a problem in maneuvering in between these.

The massive, sleek mirror above the basin reflects the stands from which people might hang towels or their clothes. The mirror, hanging on the smooth and shiny tiled wall gives the room a sense of extreme cleanliness, something that is vitally important in a bathroom. This bathroom almost has a sanitized feel to it with too much white in too little space.

The window above the bathtub allows air and plenty of light to enter, and has a sleek design. The room is otherwise well lit by ceiling lights.

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