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White Furniture In Interior Design

Space Saving Design

Space Saving Design

White furniture is something that many people invest in. White is a very popular color that is neutral yet attractive. White generally reflects light, and makes a space look larger than it actually is. Illusion is everything in design.

It is very easy to go wrong with white, however. White can look tacky and flashy. A good interior designer knows that it is best to use white the right way. It is good in appropriate doses. White furniture is generally popular in room with a minimalist design aesthetic. White is also very good with places that are very colorful, as they tend to balance out the busy tints and shades.

Usually, furniture that is white is made of plastic. Wooden furniture is also sometimes painted white, and when left to fade slightly, gets a very vintage effect. White furniture made of plastic is usually very utilitarian and can be accessorized with colorful fabrics.

The limitation of white is that it always looks better with sleeker, more basic furniture. Sleek furniture implies simple square tables, linear bar stools and so on. White used in very grand furniture can look tacky. Sometimes it is better to switch the white with a cream or peach, and this lends it a very feminine air.

White furniture can seem overly frugal. It is also quite hard to keep it clean, so one needs to be extremely careful. White plastic can turn slightly yellow with dust, and white wood even more so. Hence, when choosing white furniture for a house, always be sure to keep it in a dry and dust free area.

Finally, remember that when choosing white furniture, avoid going the generic and store bought route. Try finding classic pieces from flea markets or obscure stores, because then you will have the luxury of owning something that is unique and one of a kind.

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