Apartment Interior Designs — March 11, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Why people choose neutral color theme?



Neutral color theme in your home will give your many different opportunities and decor fantasies. Color accents truly shine and look expressive. Those who like light tones and contrasts will like today’s collection.


The main idea of using neutrals colors as your main theme is very simple. It gives your lots of space to change the mood of your room in the future. It brilliantly fits people that like changes. Creative individuals are surely taking advantage of this approach all over the world. So what’s the secret and how will it help to maintain the feeling of the fresh interior in your home? Simple, when you have a white/grey/beige base colors you can easily change the mood of the room by adding contrasted and colorful details. You can have a big red/yellow painting on the wall, black table with white pillows and big grey area rug. But should you decide to change the mood of the room, you just add bright color curtains, change the painting to blue, area rug to light blue and you are looking at a totally different room. Every little details matters in this interior. Should it be just one green pillow or a few decor objects. Let’s have a look at few examples!


Your living room can’t be more white then this one. Ceiling and wall of the same color gives you more visual space, big beige wood planks set the tone of this room using a word “natural”. Somebody might find this room boring, somebody else strict and official. I would say it is calm. Perhaps it could be more cozy if you add some curtains and maybe an area rug. Art on the wall, tv and a coffee table are the only contrasts here. 


beautiful london apartment 06

In this bedroom pacified atmosphere of peace and calm reigns. Just a little bit of black and brown colors stand out from the massive white, grey and beige theme. I really like this huge cabinet. That big standing framed mirror adds elegance.



What if you put an old chest as a contrast in an innocent white room? Forgot to say it has to play the role of a coffee table. Not enough accents here, and presence of that table is really debatable. 



This is a perfect example of how subtle neutral colors should be mixed with bright colors. Designer did a great job here, I love that illusion object on the wall and how it dives into all those color pillows on the sofa. Who would reject to do that there? 


Thanks and come back for more!

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