Bedroom Interior Designs — June 3, 2011 at 1:17 pm

Why the Queen Size Bed?


Audrey Meadows once said “A bedroom requires a bed. Everything else is extravagance”. Very true. This is why it is important to choose the right bed for your bedrooms.There are of course standard bed sizes some of which have labels too – like the Four Poster bed, the King Size bed, the Queen size bed,  etc. The choice of the size of the bed really depends on the size of the room. For a fairly large bedroom, the Queen size bed should be an ideal choice. In fact this is by far the most preferred bed size. This bed size is longer than the normal standard bed size by five inches. It is not expensive and is very comfortable size wise. Most furniture shops have Queen-size beds or you can even shop for Queen-size beds online.

This is perfect for two adults who are of average build to sleep in comfortalbly – more comfortably than the twin size beds. This is why one can compromise on the space occupied by the additional five inches – for afterall you do get to sleep in comfort. Mattresses for these beds are available and one need not really bother about having them custom made to the size of the bed. This is because Queen-size beds are popular and mattress manufacturers do know this.

You can also find sheets and other bed linen that fit a Queen Size bed easily enough. While you many think length of 5 inches need not make a difference, you would be surprised to know that it does. That extra bit of space helps a lot if you would like to stretch yourself and need some extra space to do so! You can opt for storage headboards or side tables attached to your Queen Size bed if you want to save on space in your bedroom. This way you get all that you need or may need in your bedroom in just one unit!

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