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Windows as an element of Interior Design

Room with a view

Room with a view

For a design to truly become a masterpiece, it must surpass limitations through experimentation. When interior design expanded beyond being closed within walls, it instantly became more beautiful, and people became spoilt for choice with all the options available to them. In ‘Iron Man’ a movie starring Robert Downey Junior, the protagonist, Tony  Stark, owns and lives in a stunning house, and sleeps in a bedroom with transparent glass walls overlooking the sea from the edge of a cliff. I felt that that was truly interior design at its best.

The room is extremely spacious. It is shaped like a rectangle, and two of its walls have been substituted by glass. The glass allows plenty of light to enter the room, and exposes a brilliant sea view. I can even imagine that at night, the moon hanging over the rough sea would be as beautiful.

The furniture in the room is mainly light colored. The daylight coming in accentuates the light colored furniture and makes it look brighter, but somehow more pleasant. The ceiling is cream colored, and is supported near the glass by a smooth pillar.

Light colored furniture has always impressed me because of the calm and pleasant aura it gives off. The sofa and the chairs look comfortable. The sofa is long and accompanied by yellow cushions. The side tables on either side of the sofa show that the room does not lack decoration. The lampshades are one of the most appealing I’ve ever seen. The neck of the lamp is made of glass and looks like it is filled with water. The shade itself is shaped like a pyramid without its pointed end, and is colored the same as the furniture- beige

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