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Windows For A Sense Of Space


Decorating the windows is an art in itself.  You can either do this decoration on your own or hire an interior designer.  Decorating windows need not follow any rigid pattern and can be customized according to the people living in the house. The basic premise is that there should be harmony permeating the room. The furnishings and the purpose of the room should be compatible. For instance, you want a living room that reflects a sense of large open space. You would want to make sure this room has huge windows and that these windows lead to a garden or just a lawn or a swimming pool. For both larger and smaller window sizes there are a range of double glazing companies in Scotland to choose from.

A garden or pool outdoors naturally imbues the adjoining room with a sense of expanse. Even if you were to keep the windows closed, just looking through the glass into something outside and yet within the perimeters of your home can generate a sense of largesse.

One of the major aspects to consider while you cover the windows is this outdoor space that the room looks on to. Using thick draperies and covering of the windows would just not do.  The room shown here has brought a bit of garden indoors too. The large plant in the corner and the smaller one on the center table add a touch of nature to the room. Outside view encompasses the pool as well as other greenery. Without a window and sheer drapes across them, the view of the outside would be obstructed. The designer in you would have to ensure that you retain a clear view to such a degree that a bit of the outside is almost spilling on to the room.  The color of the fabric on the sofa is soft and pale so as not to overpower the rest of the room’s décor.

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