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Windows To Your Room

Curtained Windows

Curtained Windows

Windows give the walls a break. Windows are almost an interlude to the walls that surround your rooms. How you treat the window can make or mar the ambience of the room, whichever room it may be. For instance, if you have a large window, and leave it bare or put some uncomplimentary colored curtains, it can make the rest of the room too small and closed in. The windows need as much care and attention in decorating, as the rest of the room.

Here, the large bay windows next to the dining table are covered with two kinds of drapes hanging from curtain rods. The size and shape of window demand that you use pinch pleat curtains. They are attractive and have a smooth flow. The pleats are uniformly gathered. This design does require around 2.5 times of the material in order to make those pleats.  The pleats are made with a gap in between and this is what makes the stacking back much neater. Considering this window is a part of the dining room, you will want the curtains pushed away as far as you can so that natural light can fill the room.  Having them pulled to the sides in this loose manner makes the curtains look graceful.  The 2 curtains in the middle are of a lighter fabric. Being transparent, they allow light to come in and yet maintain privacy.  If you want to block the natural light completely and use only the hanging lights from the ceiling, you could pull the drapes closed fully.

Having the carpet also in the same lighter color, makes the room feel cool and pleasing to the eye. The wooden chairs complement the curtain rods and ornate lights that hang directly above the table. Having a glass topped table is a good idea as it gives the room a lighter and more airy ambience.

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